May - July

Equipment repair and maintenance, operational procedures discussions.

July - September

New customer acquisitions and site walkthroughs.

September - November

Operational setup season.

November - April

During season

April - May

Operations teardown

Learn how snow removal professionals prepare for the season

When you know snowy weather is coming, you might spread salt on your pavement or put chains on your tires. But what about the snow removal professionals?

The crew at Ellerman Snow Removal has been serving the area for more than 35 years, so we know a thing or two about how to get ready for winter.

service detail

Repairs and maintenance

Most customers might not be concerned with what takes place behind the scenes in creating a smooth running start mobile operation. The fact is in snow removal, equipment breaks. Unfortunately it does not matter if it's new equipment or old equipment. Through years of experience we have found it critical and employing full-time staff to repair and maintain our equipment both during this season but most importantly before the season begins. although the phrase are well oiled machine could be used to associate smooth running operations, He used that phrase very literally.

New customer acquisitions

Even though it may be 100 degrees outside and very nice pool or beach weather, our team is focused and dedicated on providing preseason walkthroughs with customers and employees. It is extremely important to us to provide excellence for our existing customer base before taking on new clients. With this, we strongly encourage receiving snow removal proposals as early as possible. On occasion we do have to deny taking on new accounts as we get closer to season depending on resource availability.

Operational setup season

During this time of year is really where the rubber meets the road. A final preseason checklist on equipment is completed before it is sent out to be delivered on site (where applicable), crew safety and operational trainings are completed, and a final preseason plan is created with contingencies for shifting weather.

During season

Our goal is to be operationally set up by October 15th then we hold to that date as much as possible. Although statistically unlikely, the occasional October surprise for many, is unlikely to surprise us.

Operation teardown

As the snow season comes to a close all on site equipment is removed into thorough checklist is completed for repairs and maintenance. After action reviews are completed to make systematic alterations before the next season.

Finally, we handle the invoicing and payment quickly so property owners like you don't have to wait. If you have any questions about how we work, call 816-358-7669 today.

What do we do during warm weather?

The warm season isn't a long vacation for us. We spend our summers preparing for snow. We make sure that our team is fully trained and our equipment is carefully maintained so we're ready to work as soon as we're needed. When you need to clear snow or ice away, don't hesitate to contact our crew. We offer quick service and free estimates.